Are you looking for an opportunity to generate an additional stream of income?  Would you like to know how to take your business to the next level?  Would you like the opportunity to start-up your own business?  Are you unsure where to start, what steps to take and how to do it right so you don’t waste time or money?…

Build Your Dream Business - Marketing Your Dreams Now

Yes YOU Can Do It!  You Can Create A Successful Online Business
So You Can Live The Life Of Your Dreams!

Check out Marketing Your Dreams NowAre You Looking to Create Additional Income and Build Wealth?   

Check out Marketing Your Dreams NowDo You Have Dreams Of Owning Your Own Business?

Check out Marketing Your Dreams NowDo You Have An Existing Business and You Want To Learn How To Take It To The Next Level?  

Check out Marketing Your Dreams NowWould You Like To Help Others and Make A Positive Difference In Their Lives Through Your Business?  

Check out Marketing Your Dreams NowDid You Know You Can Take Your Business Global And Operate In Other Economies By Using The Internet? 

Check out Marketing Your Dreams NowAre You Ready To Start Living Your Dreams?

If you are ready to take your life or your business to the next level and you’ve answered YES to any of the questions above, then I want you to take the time to pay careful attention here because I’m going to share with you my Marketing Your Dreams Now System on how I did just that and how you can too!  You are at the right place at the right time, because I’m the financial expert at funding your dreams and I want to help you to learn how you can have the life of your dreams and be who you know you can be… It is really that simple.  But…

Marketing Your Dreams - Starting A Business

The real problem is that most entrepreneurs are not knowledgeable about business and more importantly about marketing.  Most entrepreneurs know and understand their expertise but just don’t know how to relate that back into creating a successful business.  95% of all businesses that start will fail in the first year.  Of those business that make it past year one, 50% will fail within the first five years.  You may be familiar with these statistics personally or through the experiences of others close to you.  They are real, and unless you have a SYSTEM to help guide you through the process of setting up your business and learning about marketing, you too have a great potential to become one of the "statistics".

You want to achieve the life of your dreams, you want to be successful, you want to create wealth and you want to build your business.

You want Something Different.

Marketing Your Dreams Now... I've Been There Too

Carol Akright, CFP - Marketing Your Dreams Now... CEO of Funding Your DreamsFrom The Desk Of:  Carol Akright, CFP®, RLP – Your Dream Funding Coach

Dear Fellow Entrepreneurs,

I know how you feel… I’ve been there myself and I can personally relate to what you are going through and what you are dreaming about.  You are in search of a solution to help you achieve the life of your dreams, to achieve your goals, to finally have financial freedom.  Let’s face it – in today’s day and time and with the global economy the way it is, you… we… are not alone in dreaming for something better.

You want to break through the rut… the rat race… the pain.  And if you knew then what you are learning now you recognize that you would have been that much farther ahead.  You wouldn’t have wasted time or money… because now you know there is a ideal solution… a step-by-step plan that exists to walk you through the process of building  a successful business online.  A business in Information Marketing that will allow you to leverage your expertise, your experience, your desire to help others. This leverage will help you create a new income stream to help you build more wealth.

Carol Akrigh, CFP and CEO of Funding Your Dreams

I built up my professional career as a Certified Financial PlannerTM and as a Registered Life Planner® but I wanted more… I dreamed for even more in my life. To work for myself, to achieve, to create wealth and to help others.  Does this sound like you?

But here’s the thing, I needed a System for achieving my dreams.  I needed a System for building my business.  I needed a System to be SUCCESSFUL and not become one of the statistics.  After figuring out the solution and creating the System, I created my own company– Funding Your Dreams, LLC

Today, I teach people like you and countless other entrepreneurs worldwide about DreamFunding, my core expertise.  As a Certified Financial Planner, I became widely regarded for my ability to easily demystify finances and money with fun and enthusiasm… and with an emphasis on business.  While I was speaking and teaching all over the world and helping people to create wealth through my ‘DreamFunding’ process, the folks wanted to know more of what I knew.  They wanted to know how I started my business to create the wealth and the lifestyle for funding my dreams.

So I created a System to teach exactly what I did… what I still do, and what many others have gone on to do to live out their dreams…

Step By Step Solution To Starting Your Business

The greatest opportunity you have is to make money as an entrepreneur.  But to do that you must understand business and more specifically you must understand marketing, and even more specifically you must know and understand your industry… Information Marketing.

The Information Marketing industry is an $800 Billion industry providing you the opportunity to generate revenue by packaging your expertise through "information solutions".  Over 700 Million people spent more than $800 Billion online last year and for what?  For solutions!  Solutions that can be found in Information… your information!

I’m talking about taking your expertise and knowledge and packaging it as an information product to provide a solution for those in need of your information… your expertise.  This is the Information Marketing industry, and I want you to recognize that this multi-billion dollar industry has a piece of the pie with your name on it!  There is more than enough opportunity to go around, but it won’t come around if you don’t take action.

So… where do you start?

It All Starts With A Dream… And Your Dream Starts Here.

Introducing Your…


Marketing Your Dreams Now - 8 Simple Steps


Marketing Your Dreams Now - Get Started Building & Marketing Your Dream Business

Marketing Your Dreams Now was specifically created for you and others like you seeking the path to Fund Their Dreams and create a revenue stream towards financial independence. My Marketing Your Dreams Now course is an easy 8-step program to take you from identifying your dream, to strategic planning, to building your information marketing business online.

Each step in my course takes you through a video tutorial training that comes complete with a complimentary manual to laser guide you through the process of building your online business, or you can use it to take your existing online business to the next level.

Marketing Your Dreams Now Testimonials

Marian Hays Marketing Your Dreams Now Testimonials

Jane Blume Marketing Your Dreams Now Testimonials

David Thomas Marketing Your Dreams Now Testimonials

Marketing Your Dreams Now - 8 Simple Steps 1 System

The Marketing Your Dreams Now Program is a System that is comprised of 8 simple steps to provide you with the exact blueprint and solution to creating your online business. Each step works in concert with the others as building blocks… building one at a time. The steps are presented to you in a video tutorial format along with a complementary manual.  Resources and tools are integrated throughout the program to ensure you move forward and continue to progress.  Here are the steps…

Learn about the multi-billion dollar industry of Information Marketing and how you can build a successful business and fulfill your dreams.   In Step 1 Information Marketing Explained, you will discover the success formula and why Information Marketing is the next Gold Rush.   I’ll break down in simple format the real business potential for you and how to start your business, including creating your inner circle infrastructure.

If you fail to plan you plan to fail… there is no easier way to say it.  In Step 2 you will lean about the importance of planning for your success and you will get the actual blueprint to take you through the planning process to help you achieve your success. 


Step 3 will uncover the secrets to defining your perfect customer and niche market in order to provide them with the perfect solution.  You’ll hit the bullseye with this proven system and that can literally mean more money in your pocket and a very satisfied customer who will want to stay with you for the long-term.


Learn how to create the perfect product for your perfect customer to create the perfect solution to market match.  Billions of Dollars are made in Information Marketing and products is where it is out. I’ll teach you how you can create a product once, on target to match your customer, and sell it over and over again to produce ongoing revenue.


There are secrets you need to know when it comes to packaging your product so your customer will buy it… In Step 5 you’ll discover the hidden secrets to packaging and you’ll learn the 10 powerful methods to pricing strategies to help you sell your product and out sell your competition.

The key to making big money in Information Marketing is to sell your products online!  In Step 6 you will learn the exact method to marketing your product online and learn Internet Marketing tactics that will help you drive the traffic to your website, convert them to prospects and from there convert them into customers.  It is a process that you’ll use time and time again and can apply to many other aspects of your business.  By selling your products online, you now have access to the global market place and diversified economies that can bring in even more money!

Once you’ve learned my blueprint to building your Information Marketing empire through products, I’ll show you how easy it is to duplicate the process to easily and quickly create other products to build out your marketing funnel.  Now you’ll have options to bundle products together and sell them for even more money.  In Step 7 I’ll take you behind the scenes to teach you how to make more money through big product packages.

In Step 8 I will pull everything together for you and help you to go to the next level with your business.  The key to bringing in consistent revenue is to create recurring and passive income in addition to your product sales.   I’ll part the curtains to reveal the marketing and business strategies to developing these streams so you can enjoy a constant flow of revenue on a monthly basis.  This is the ultimate step to take you from your J.O.B to living the life of your dreams!


Marketing Your Dreams Now Testimonials

Janet Hall Marketing Your Dreams Now Testimonials

Beverly Hays Marketing Your Dreams Now Testimonials

Lana Taylor Marketing Your Dreams Now Testimonials

Here Are Even More Value-Added Tools, Training, Support And Help

Marketing Your Dreams Now Bonuses

Marketing Your Dreams Now - Bonus 1

Marketing Your Dreams Now - Bonus 2

Marketing Your Dreams Now - Bonus 3

Marketing Your Dreams Now - Bonus 4

Marketing Your Dreams Now - Bonus 5

Marketing Your Dreams Now - Bonus 6

Marketing Your Dreams Now - Bonus 7

Marketing Your Dreams Now - Bonus 8

What Have You Got To Lose?… Your DREAMS! Let Me Make It Easy For You

Marketing Your Dreams Now Program  Guarantee

Get the complete "Marketing Your Dreams Now Program" with my personal Iron-Clad, 30-Day, No Questions Asked, 100% Money Back Guarantee

Marketing Your Dreams Now - 30-Day Guarantee

Marketing Your Dreams Now Program, what to do next

The first step to building your Information Marketing business and achieving success is to take action.  Whether you realize it or not, right now you are at a cross-roads in your life, and the opportunity now is to pursue your Dreams.  Marketing Your Dreams Now is the solution to help you turn those dreams into reality and to generate the revenue that will help you create financial security and independence.  The choice is yours… you are in the driver’s seat.

I encourage you to make a great Decision for your life!   Invest in yourself, your future and in your dreams.

And REMEMBER, you won’t be alone!  I’ll walk with you through the system step-by-step.  I will mentor you and provide you with action steps to take to begin to build and market your business in every lesson in this virtual program.  It is easy to access and you can download it and manage this on your own computer.  I will be there with you, encouraging you, motivating you to achieve your dreams so you can be living the life you so rightfully deserve.

Marketing Your Dreams Now Program, Make a decision

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  • On top of that… I understand there is absolutely no risk to me and that I am protected by your 100% Unconditional Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee as stated above..

Marketing Your Dreams Now A System To Help You Get Started Building Your Business


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I know you can do it… you can build a successful business and have the life of your dreams.  It is VERY possible.  I have walked the path before you and done it and so have others.  I am now enjoying living the life of my dreams that I always wanted and at the same time have the fulfillment of helping other people like you to achieve the same. I stand before you walking the talk.  I know the pitfalls, the hidden traps and the mines in the mine field to get you to the other side successfully so you can do this too.  I’m here for you and looking forward to working with you on creating your Dream Life.

Your Dream Funding Coach,

Carol Akright, CFP - CEO of Funding Your Dreams

Carol Akright, CFP®, RLP
CEO Funding Your Dreams, LLC

P.S. – If you are looking for a way to generate additional income, or you want to build your dream business that generates the revenue you want so you can have the life you’ve always dreamed of, the Marketing Your Dreams Now Program is a step-by-step system that will get you to your end goal the fastest and simplest way possible.  Invest in yourself, your life and your DREAMS NOW before time runs out.  Click Here To Start Today… The Marketing Your Dreams Now Program will take you to the next level!

P.P.S. — When you take advantage of The Marketing Your Dreams Now Program you’ll have lifetime access to the training and to me through our Support Center, PLUS you’ll have access to all of my value-added bonuses to support you in growth.  You have nothing to lose except the opportunity to finally have the life you’ve dreamed of, because if you’re not satisfied, I’ll refund your money no questions asked within the first 30 days.

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